Ms Foster, Fifth & Sixth Class

These are posts from the pupils and staff of Classes 5 and 6

Volcanoes by 5th & 6th class.

Feb. 2016 5th and 6th class were learning all about volcanoes in geography, have a look at their fantastic volcano art.

Feeding the birds.

5th and 6th class have been making sure that the birds are fed during these cold Winter months.

Christmas Carol Singers by 5th & 6th

1st December 2015. 5th & 6th class put a lot of work into these colourful “Carol Singer” pictures. What a lovely start to our Christmas art displays…  

Rugby World Cup

Oct. ’15. Here in Ms Mollison’s class we have been following the Rugby World Cup, cheering Ireland on of course. We researched the countries of some of our other favourite teams too.