Mrs Dunican, Junior & Senior Infants

These are posts from the pupils and staff of Junior and Senior Infants class

Rumble in the Jungle by junior & senior infants.

May 2016. The infants did the story “Rumble in the Jungle”. They really enjoyed it. They talked about their favourite jungle animals and they did this lovely collage for art… Click on picture to enlarge.

Infants love lego…

April 2016. The infants got some new lego for their “Funky Fingers” activities. They followed the instructions carefully to make some things and others they made from their imaginations. Have a look at some of the very impressive things they made. Some other activities…
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Infants have Funky Fingers!!!

Feb. 2016 Every Wednesday the infants do “Funky Fingers”. They work in pairs doing hands on activities to improve their fine motor skills. Have a look at some of the fun activities they do…  

Happy St. Valentine’s Day from the infants.

14th Feb. 2016. The infants were busy last week decorating the classroom with some nice Valentine’s art and also making Valentine’s cards for Mammys and Daddys. They made heart prints using toilet roll inserts. We were very pleased with how…
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New Maths Equipment.

Thank you to the Parents Association for funding our new maths equipment which we received before Christmas. The pupils enjoy and benefit greatly from engaging in “Hands On” activities and we hope to continue equipping our classrooms with learning materials…
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Santa Claus by the infants.

December 2015. Junior and senior infants made these cool Santas using paper plates as Santa’s beard. We think they look great. Ho ho ho….

Kermit’s Trip to Dubai.

Nov. 2015 Kermit went on a trip to Dubai recently. Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates. It took 7 hours on the plane to get there. It is very hot in Dubai all year round and it hardly ever…
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Infant’s Winter Tree.

20th Nov. 2015. Have a look at our lovely Winter Time Tree. Junior and senior infants cut out the snowflakes to add to the display. Look at the sleepy hedgehog hibernating for the Winter!

Infant’s Cool Penguins.

Friday 6th November 2015. Today for art we made these lovely Winter penguins. We really enjoying making them and we think they look so cool!

Infant’s Pumpkins.

The infants learned all about how pumpkins grow, they learned a song called “Pumpkin Head” and for art they made these funny pumpkin faces. Our ‘Pumpkin Head’ song. Sitting in the window pumpkin head, circles for your eyes and a funny…
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