Mr Smyth, Third & Fourth Class

These are posts from the pupils and staff of Classes 3 and 4

Charleville Book Day

April 2018 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class thoroughly enjoyed Charleville Book Day in Midland Books and Tullamore Library; including a reading session with Miriam Williams.

Learning About Textures

February 2018 Here in Mr Smyth’s class we enjoy our hands on learning activities as well as cross curricular integration. We have been learning about textures; combining Maths, Science and Art. Here we are making rubbings with various textured objects from…
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Combining History and Art, 3rd & 4th

Have a look at some of the fabulous torcs created by 3rd and 4th class. Torcs were produced in Ireland during the middle and late Bronze Age. They use much more gold and are much heavier than the earlier Bronze…
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Chocolate Truffles

April 2017 Thank you Mr Smyth for organising this fun little cookery class for all 1st to 6th class pupils. We learned how to make yummy chocolate truffles and better still we got to eat them!

Easter Egg Roll

April 2017 Have a look at these pictures from our fun “Easter Egg Roll” which took place on the day of our Easter holidays. We each decorated a hard boiled egg before competing in a fun relay race style egg…
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An Mhaith Mr Smyth

March 2017 Mr Smyth is ready for Seachtaine na Gaeilge….An mhaith ar fad…