Welcome Back!

September 2016.

A warm welcome back everyone and a special welcome to our new junior infants. We look forward to an exciting new year ahead.

Please keep an eye on our website for regular updates regarding outings, events, pupil’s work and achievements, school achievements, staffing, school and parish events

Below are some reminders and notes for the year ahead:

  • All pupils must have a homework diary. We ask that all parents sign their chid/children’s homework diary each evening – Monday to Thursday.
  • As we operate a Healthy Lunches Policy, we request that treats are only given on Fridays. See booklet on Healthy Lunches for some tips and ideas on nutritious lunches which your child will enjoy.
  • All pupils will need a pair of indoor shoes to change into on days where the ground outside is wet or mucky.
  • If you wish to meet with a teacher please arrange a meeting through the school office or a note in your child’s diary.
  • Charleville continues to be a green school, please try to minimise packaging in your child’s lunchbox. We still collect used batteries, printer cartridges, old spectacles and used stamps, however, we are no longer collecting old greeting cards.
  • Junior infants will remain in school until 2 pm from Monday 26th September.
  • Chat n’ Chill is back since Friday 2nd September from 2 pm in the Parish Centre.