Monthly Archive: October 2015

Visit by Firemen – 3rd & 4th

On Monday 19th October 3rd and 4th class were visited by two firemen. They discussed fire safety with us, we enjoyed their visit and learned some very important safety information from them.

Infant’s Pumpkins.

The infants learned all about how pumpkins grow, they learned a song called “Pumpkin Head” and for art they made these funny pumpkin faces. Our ‘Pumpkin Head’ song. Sitting in the window pumpkin head, circles for your eyes and a funny…
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The National Flag for Primary Schools Initiative 2016

On Friday 16th October we were visited by two members of the Irish Defence Forces. They presented us with our National Flag and also a copy of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic to commemorate the Centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising.

Parents Association AGM – 20th Oct. @ 7.30 pm

The Parents Association AGM will take place in the school GP room on Oct. 20th at 7.30 pm. We would encourage at least one parent from each of the 62 families to attend this meeting.    

OSPCA Visit 14th Oct.

The OSPCA visited us today. They went to each classroom and showed us two of their rescue pets, Minnie and Wahine. Wahine the kitten is only six weeks old, she was rescued soon after she was born. They were delighted…
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